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Take Your Sauna With You!

The health benefits of saunas have been well documented. They improve circulation, keep the skin soft and supple, and promote relaxation: all key to a healthy lifestyle. Are there any drawbacks? Yes........ Read More

The Many Health Benefits Of Sauna Bathing

The benefits of regular sauna bathing have been known for literally thousands of years. By stimulating the immune system, helping to flush toxins and waste products from the body, and increasing body........ Read More

Introduction To The Sauna

History and Use The origins of the sauna have been lost in the mists of time (so to speak), but it is safe to say its history goes back at least 1000 years. We know that the nomadic peoples of Finlan........ Read More

How To Take A Sauna

How to Take A Sauna With the recent popularity of far infrared saunas and steam saunas comes the necessity of learning to use them properly and safely. Listed below are the traditional steps the Fin........ Read More

The 15 Minute Sauna Therapy!

What? Just 15 Minutes? Sitting in a sweat bath could be the most vigorous activity you've had all day. The heat sauna benefit,sauna health benefit,hot sauna,dry sauna,buy a sauna,build a sauna,sauna,........ Read More

Sauna And Positive Effects Of Negative Ions

Physiologically, the presence of negative ions in a sweat bath is as important as the heat. The discovery of negative ions in certain types of saunas a few years ago became headline news in Finland. U........ Read More

Sauna Safety You Must Know!

Sauna is the only bath in the world in which both dry and damp air is present at the same time. It is the body's natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration. The high heat (average of 180° F) ........ Read More

Exercise Your Heart With Sauna!

Marvelous things happen beneath the skin in the heat of the sweat bath. The capillaries dilate permitting increased flow of blood to the skin in an attempt to draw heat from the surface and disperse i........ Read More

Saunas And Alcohol Do Not Mix

Saunas are well known to provide a healthy pleasurable experience. A nice relaxing sauna session can be the prelude to other social interactions. I am sure that on many an occasion, a sauna owner has ........ Read More

Infradoc. Infrared Sauna. Infrared Cabin

30 minutes session in the INFRADOC infrared cabin (sauna) are enough to make your body get sweet intensively and to make your organism get rid of scum and toxin. Mi........ Read More

The Ultimate Facial Sauna

One of the great benefits of sauna and steam baths are the toning effects on the skin. They leave the skin soft, supple and glowing – in short, beautiful. Regular users of sauna and steam baths have........ Read More

Saunas: Pleasure That Is Safe

Saunas have been used for many years as a way to relax and to improve the body’s look and feel. If you have never been able to set foot in one, then there are some things that you should know so tha........ Read More

Finnish Saunas A Tradition Continues

If there is one country that loves to take a relaxing sauna, it is probably the country of Finland. Finnish claims that in their country is the home of the original sauna experience. Finnish saunas ar........ Read More

Importance Of Sauna Baths

Sauna - the word comes from Finland and has been used for more than 2000 years in Finland. Finnish people are ardent users of sauna bath to soothe their senses. From Finland sauna has transcended to e........ Read More

Sauna Room Packages Make Construction Easy

Building your own home sauna from scratch can be an overwhelming project even for the experienced do-it-yourselfer. Sauna room packages make construction a snap as all the material for a complete saun........ Read More


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Gym Fitness Spa Sauna
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